Campsirago Residenza 



Campsirago Residenza is a production centre based in the Ecomuseum of Brianza Mounts and Lakes (North of Italy) that promotes hospitality, meeting, attention, discovery. ScarlattineTeatro, is the artistic collective who leads this project. It was born in 1998 and produces social theatre shows, contemporary dramaturgy performances for adults and young audience, focusing on physical theatre and innovative languages.

We have been living in Campsirago village since 2008, livening it up with our projects. In 2015 our place became a theatre residency shared with four companies linked with ScarlattineTeatro by their artistic paths and aims: Stradevarie, Alberoblu, Riserva Canini and Pleiadi Art Productions.

Campsirago Residenza

cultural platform

Campsirago Residenza is a cultural platform. Six main actions:

  • production of theatre shows;
  • performing arts and theatre training programmes
  • organisation of festivals and cultural events like Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival dal 2004
  • networking with other theatre residencies, associations and local, national, international organisations and stakeholders
  • production support to breaking-through artistic realities
  • creation and management of national and international projects

palazzo Gambassi

Campsirago Residenza is based at Palazzo Gambassi, a historical XV century building where there are the offices, a guesthouse with 20 beds, a kitchen and dining room, three rehearsal studios, two outdoor stages, an indoor theatre space with 50 seats, an exhibition space, a laboratory, a warehouse, 3.450 m2 of outdoor space and Yurtakids! a portable, bent wood-framed dwelling structure

These unique spaces guarantee an extra-ordinary dimension for artistic creation.


Campsirago: il territorio

We live in an amazing place: the ancient village of Campsirago on the top of Mount of Brianza, in the North of Italy. Campsirago has a strong creative past, discovered by hippies from all over the world in the Seventies. Campsirago now counts 30 inhabitants.


Michele Losi
Direttore di struttura

Fulvia Crotti
Responsabile produzione e distribuzione teatro ragazzi

Giulia Mereghetti
Responsabile produzione e distribuzione teatro adulti e perfoming art

Giovanna Piccinini
Responsabile amministrazione

Silvia Cordò
Rendicontazione, Bandi e Scuole

Attilia Sacchi

Diego Dioguardi
Referente tecnico e di struttura

Elena Invernizzi
Grafica e Comunicazione

artistic staff

Anna Fascendini

Giulietta Debernardi

Marco Ferro
Riserva Canini

Valeria Sacco
Riserva Canini

Soledad Nicolazzi

Mariasofia Alleva
Pleiadi Art Productions

Riccardo Calabrò
Pleiadi Art Productions

Marialuisa Bafunno
Pleiadi Art Productions

Stefania Coretti
Pleiadi Art Productions

Alberto Sansone
Pleiadi Art Productions

technical staff

Stefano Pillo
Tecnico di scena

Andrea Violato
Tecnico di scena, Light designer

how to get here

The easiest way to get to Campsirago is by car or on foot. From Bergamo – Como street, reach Olgiate Molgora, then follow Santa Maria Hoè and Campsirago / San Genesio. Be careful!

Nearest airports are Orio al Serio (Bergamo) and Linate (Milan).
Nearest train station Olgiate – Calco – Brivio (line:Trenord Milano-Lecco).


Provincia di Lecco, Comunità Montana del Lario Orientale e della valle di san Martino, Parco del Monte Barro, Ecomuseo del Distretto dei Monti e dei Laghi Briantei, Bosisio Parini, Brivio, Calco, Civate, Dervio, Ello, Galbiate, Missaglia, Oggiono, Olgiate Molgora, Olginate, Sirone.