Little Bang 
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Sunday 13/01

Little Bang

Riserva Canini
Centro Culturale Candiani di Mestre Piazzale Luigi Candiani, 7, 30174 Mestre
teatro ragazzi

by Riserva Canini Teatro
Imaginated and created by Marco Ferro e Valeria Sacco
Collaboraion for scenic design  Matteo Lainati
With Marco Ferro 
supported by Campsirago Residenza, Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana, Straligut Teatro (Siena), La Batysse (Lione), La Terra Galleggiante (Pinerolo-To), Archètipo (Antella-Fi).

This new Riserva Canini's play tries to answer, with creativity and irony, to the question that always has held a great fascination on men: "How and when did it all begin?" In doing so, the Riserva Canini Teatro draws on the extraordinary poetic universe and mythology produced by ancient civilizations through the cosmogonic myths, weaving it with the answers that the Science gave us in modern times, from the Big Bang theory.

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