Campsirago Residenza 



ScarlattineTeatro was born in 1998 created by Anna Fascendini and Giulietta Debernardi. After a training period at Pontedera Teatro, the first years we wandered between Turin and Milan. In 2000 ScarlattineTeatro worked in Kosovo, devastated by war. Here the meeting with Michele Losi. Together we began to plan out the first choices and to deal with the first challenges, achievements and defeats. Since 2004 ScarlattineTeatro has been running the activity both as theatre company and theatre residency (Campsirago Residenza).

ScarlattineTeatro – with the artistic direction by Anna Fascendini and Michele Losi - believes that theatre has to catch, to face, to appeal, to seduce, to dazzle, to amaze, to desolate, to cheer, to distress, to consume, to change life. It believes in multiplicity of voices and ideas, it loves taking chances lightly, playing. It creates performances which can be set everywhere, following a specific poetic and political choice. It always looks for a new way of staying together and producing art, promoting fusion of languages in order to break barriers between theatre, performance, dance, music, visual arts. The spectator is a fellow traveler who we want to infect and involve.

«ScarlattineTeatro is a disease. Infectious, acute, contagious. Multi-faceted. Peculiar to childhood, not only as stated age but also when we are bright-eyed and curious. When you catch it, you’ll have a mark on your skin forever. That’s why ScarlattineTeatro are people who work, who worked and who will work for it».


EFFE label (EU, 2015)

HONORARY DIPLOMA of Polish Puppeteers Center POLUNIMA (PL, 2012)

eMIX – European Mime Index Quality Label and Travelling Promotion Festival (B, 2011)

Best performance for children International Theatre Kingfestival di Velikiy Novgorod (RUS, 2011)

FIT Lugano International Festival (CH, 2010)

Lalka tez człowiek Warsaw Festival (PL, 2010)

Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK, 2009)

Shortlisted for Total Award Edimburgh Fringe Festival (UK, 2009)

High Patronage of President of Republic of Italy (Presidente Ciampi, 2004)

Special mention at Bassano Opera Festival (I, 2003)