Campsirago Residenza 


We offer many educational programs: from workshops and courses for professionals to workshops with students of all levels. We plan courses in residency and programs studied with and for schools, libraries, institutions who want to collaborate with us.

extensive training

We offer multiple programs with different contents, conductions and recipients.
It answers to specific objectives shared with the entity with which we collaborate.
We work in a glocal perspective: paying attention to our territory but with a strong international spirit.

Special focus: with children and babies
Special focus: with children and babies

When we imagine a new show for children it is always a journey.
We do love to start with a research phase intended to collect suggestions, images, sounds, emotions and thoughts to bring them with us in the rehearsal studio. And we do it with our favorite public: children.
This phase became a learning-by-doing experience for children, they are called to experiment different materials (from salt to tableware) tools (from paper and colors to flip board) and sounds (from noises to lullabies and music).

training in residency

The courses in our facilities are entrusted to artists and professionals from Campsirago Residenza and experts invited for specific disciplines. This mix of experiences and skills allows a collaborative learning experience with a continuous dialogue between professionals (musicians, performers, actors, teachers, dancers, set designers) from international and domestic environments. Our commitment is to make the residence a crossroads of artistic and human experiences and the vibrant heart of a development project that combines art and territory.

Learning week
Example: Learning week

Intensive workshop addressed to high school students aimed to realizing a performing art event open to relatives in the woods close to our residency. The 6-day working session, led by Campsirago Residenza tackles artistic and management issues.