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Sunday 03/02


ScarlattineTeatro, Campsirago Residenza
Fucina Culturale Machiavelli Via Madonna del Terraglio, 10, 37129 Verona VR
teatro ragazzi
This is Moody’s story and dream: she wants to sleep on the moon and see the world changing from above. Like a new Gurdulù, the Nonexistent Knight’s squire from Italo Calvino’s book, also Moody changes depending on what she meets on
her way: bird, wind, soap bubble and, in the end, the moon itself. One story leads to another and, through the Pindaric flights that only children can do, we are charmed by light movements,rhyme and a few things on the stage: we can trick
force of gravity, with a snub nose, and be lighter than before and closer to the moon.

by Anna Fascendini
with Anna Fascendini
costume Agnese Bocchi, Lorella Bellelli
props Agnese Bocchi
light design Michele Losi
production Campsirago Residency
with ScarlattineTeatro


  Young audience 

  15th February 2018, at 4 pm

  school show @ Osnago (LC)