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children’s theatre
ages 5 and up
45 minutes
+ exhibition visit
first performed

“We sat with the children as though they were our ancestors. We listened to their tale of how things really went at the beginning of all time. They told their tale through gestures, sounds, materials and colours which we collected. The traces of these instants now form a small art gallery of works which tell of the origin of the universe. From this highly personal collection of “small bangs” comes “Little Bang”. It is an imaginary theatrical hypothesis about how everything begins and ends every time. A silent, continuous explosion, in galaxies as in the minds of men.” Marco Ferro and Valeria Sacco

Little Bang is a travelling show and exhibition, which attempts to give an inventive and ironic answer to the age old question which has always fascinated man: “how and when did everything start?”.

To create this performance, the company has relied on the extraordinary poetic and mythological universe created by ancient civilizations through their cosmogonic myths, mingling them with the more recent answers provided by the scientific theory of the Big Bang.

The performance is divided in two parts: the spectators first visit an exhibition displaying the works collected during the workshops on the theme “the beginning of the universe”, for children between the ages of 6 and 10. The spectators then enter the theatre and watch the show, which presents the imaginary hypothesis which the company has come up with by confronting children the question “how does everything begin?”.

This is a tout publique performance which opens an important discussion on the limits of knowledge which have always accompanied man and encouraged his artistic and spiritual search.

A Riserva Canini Teatro, Campsirago Residenza coproduction, concept and realisation Marco Ferro and Valeria Sacco with Marco Ferro or Valeria Sacco, technical and scenographic assistance Matteo Lainati and Claudio Signorini, with the support of Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana, Straligut Teatro (Siena), La Batysse (Lyon), La Terra Galleggiante (Pinerolo-TO), Archètipo (Antella-FI)