companies  |  Riserva Canini  |  Non ho l’età
children’s theatre
For children aged 6 to 10
50 min.
First performance

“What is time? If no one asks me, I know. Should I be asked to explain it, I cannot.” Drawing inspiration from this quote by St. Augustine on the impossibility to provide a meaningful explanation for the nature of time, Non ho l’età explores the emotional pathways that travel around time’s mystery. A poetic journey emerges from the work of two actors, sometimes light in tone, sometimes intense. The actors represent the creation of new life in the form of a small creature and follow its evolution from birth to discovery, its development, its apparent conclusion and rebirth. The story of the human interaction with the creature is both simple and complex because of its continuous transformation; like a dance celebrating the time of ages and of history; moments of intimacy and estrangement; relationships which are forged, bonded, broken; constant and unstoppable re-compositions which introduce themselves despite our incredulity. Time’s mystery and its ever- surprising emotional trials on human comprehension becomes the portal through which to approach its essence. Puppet theatre alternates with the abstract performance of verse and gesture. The desired effect on the spectator is a heightened emotional perception of time, a poetic intuition about its meanings, eliciting marvel at the potential time imposes in its streaming of endless possibility. The dynamic of players intersect, like threads of time, multiplying, intensifying, becoming severed and re-conjoined: in tandem with the natural ebb and flow of human interaction and relationships.

concept and direction Marco Ferro and Valeria Sacco | performers Manuela De Meo and Pietro Traldi | puppets Valeria Sacco | production Riserva Canini, Campsirago Residenza | with the support of Sementerie Artistiche of Crevalcore (Bo), Teatro Metastasio of Prato, Teatro delle Briciole of Parma, Teatro Comunale di Antella/Regione Toscana, Teatro del Buratto of Milano