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puppet theatre
45 min.
First performance

Talita Kum is the story of an encounter: a creature covered in black, human in form, which inhabits a nocturnal and interior place, and a woman, immersed in an endless sleep. Then an alarm rings, the black creature emerges and begins to look for something: there are traces to follow, voices near and far and, between them, a music, which simply asks to be danced.  

On stage one actress. The feeling is to attend a show with two interpreters, in fact all happens thanks to one person: the puppet animates the actress, or rather, the actress animates the puppet that animates her. And from this vision the show starts. 

The intention is to put the human body in a position to be believed puppet and to make believe puppet what is alive, to involve the public in the instant in which life manifests itself, appears, starts, resumes. During the show slowly the illusion dissolves itself, but the audience’s eyes continue to see alive what the reason understood to be puppet. 

And this is exactly our desire, our bet: put life in the condition to be observed in its being and non-being, in its flow and its missing and, along with the audience, live this change through the power of the tools of puppetry. 

imaginated and created by Marco Ferro e Valeria Sacco | light design Andrea Narese | sound design Stefano De Ponti | music Luca Mauceri, Stefano De Ponti, Eleonora Pellegrini | technical support Sergio Bernasani | with Valeria Sacco | direction Marco Ferro | production Riserva Canini | supported by Campsirago Residenza, Festival Immagini dall’Interno di Pinerolo (TO), Rete Teatrale Aretina (AR) Teatro Gioco Vita (PC) e Théâtre Gérard Philipe de Frouard – Scène conventionnée pour les arts de la marionnette et les formes animées (Nancy – France) 

AWARD for BEST PERFORMANCE Festival Trasparenze 2012 – Modena (ITALY) 

AWARD for BEST ACTRESS –Festival Pierrot 2013 – Stara Zagora (BULGARIA) 


NOMINATION for BEST ACTRESS World Puppet Carnival 2013 Jakarta, (INDONESIA)