One of the fundamental aspects of Campsirago’s activities are the artistic residencies, occasions for study, thought, development and experimentation.

The creative and artistic residencies are a space and a time in which ideas can grow and projects can develop, in whatever way and at whatever speed is required. They give artists the chance to produce new works, with no limitation on form, technique or style.

The residencies are like research labs which don’t necessarily have to bear fruit, places where artists will have complete control over the amount of time they need for their ideas, thoughts and works to mature.

The residencies are a chance for artists with different experiences and backgrounds to meet and compare ideas and concepts. Here they can get to know each other and exchange their thoughts and different approaches to their art.

The residencies also have an effect on the village and surrounding area through open workshop practices shared with the local community. This special connection can be a source creative energy, as well as giving initial feedback as the work progresses.

The residencies can also be focussed directly on production: time, places and projects entirely dedicated to the realisation of works to be presented in festivals, theatrical seasons, museums, parks, schools, universities.

The deep meaning of the residencies is giving yourself a gift of time in which to create and convey deep, complex, critical, fragile, necessary projects and ideas.

Every year Campsirago offers artists the chance to apply for one or more artistic or creative residencies by sending an e-mail with the content of their residency project to Campsirago’s artistic directors will evaluate the project and the availability of time and space, and will reply promptly.

Campsirago Residenza will provide a fully-equipped guest house, open-air theatrical spaces, a reading and study room and a theatre-yurt 9m across.

Over the course of 2019, as part of the artistic and creative residency programme, we were host to Paola Pisciottano’s Extreme/Malecane project, the Berta project, and Nudoecrudo Teatro and Carla Taglietti’s Canto alla Terra.

In May 2020 the first DIGITAL RESIDENCY took place. Collettivo MMM were the winners of the BANDO OPEN, a Pergine Festival project, with Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival | Interdisciplinarte Terni / CURA Centro Umbro Residenze Artstiche | Festival In\Visible Cities – Contaminazioni Digitali | Periferico | ZONA K. The first stage of the project, which should have taken place in Umbria, hosted by C.U.R.A. – Centro Umbro Residenze Artistiche, due to the current situation actually became a digital residency involving all the artistic directors of the organisations taking part in the Bando OPEN competition. Through careful reorganisation of the structure of the residency and a change in the ways ideas were shared, we were able to provide the assistance we normally provide to artists digitally. During this experiment the workflow changed drastically, as physical living and sharing spaces were unavailable.