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early childhood
0 to 5 years
/multisensorial show
50 min.
First performance

Through Tatò’s eyes, a little turtle, we take a journey. We climb, we go downhill, we venture, we are surprised, just as we do when growing up. The white magic landscape changes shape on the screen: the sea, a sun made of salt, plains, footprints and tracks that turn out to be our path. 

Silence and action tell the story. The words are the sounds, songs, lullabies. On the stage 30 kilos of salt and only few simple objects. Children find their own playing movements in the gestures, some everyday sounds and voices they recognize. Tatò the turtle finds the way to lay her eggs. 

The children find the way to bring their own way of playing by exploring inside the tent and using the salt as they like. 

«Sisale is a project especially addressed to very young audience and adults that are with them. It is a two-step path: it starts with a performance to be watched and then the childrent hemselves become protagonist, creating their own reality through salt handeling – Anna Fascendini. 

production ScarlattineTeatro, Campsirago Residenza | by Anna Fascendini, Bruna Pellegrini | with Anna  Fascendini or Valeria Sacco | video Alberto Momo | artistic advice Michele Cremaschi, Michele Losi 
Press review
20/06/2014 Citizenkid
11/08/2013 Troescuola