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Physical theatre performance with live music, sounds, manipulation of objects
tout public
50 min.

When the winds of change blow
Some people build walls
Others build windmills

In a space without time, in a place where life seems to have disappeared, a man and a woman and a strange machine appear. Sounds, noises, vibrations resound. A prayer like a windy breath , sighs of words, comes as a mysterious ritual.
A bucket full of earth produces a sound. A microphone records it. The earth begins to be sieved, blended, molded.
A music comes from the transformation of the soil.
The earth quivers, it draws figures, it transforms itself through water, air, the impalpability of poetry,gestures and sounds: and it is from that music that life wakes up. The earth returns to be fruitful. Beauty can still save what it’s really in danger: life of plants
An actress and a musician play with the different sounds of earth, water and air. Using a special machine, with various elements, microphones and speakers and through a strange danced rite they will bring back to life what we have of more precious on earth: plants.

Angeli di terra (Earthen Angels) is an experience for everybody: children can feel the sense of it, getting into the manipulation and into the discover of materials, grown ups can find the interest into the mechanic and sperimentation of sounds as adult read the urgency of the message.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

authors Anna Fascendini e Diego Dioguardi | scenographer Matteo Lainati | dramaturg Giusi Quarenghi | costumes Stefania Coretti | composer Diego Dioguardi | performing cast Anna Fascendini; Diego Dioguardi or Stefano Pirovano | The first steps of the show have been done in Lausanne at Terrain d’adventure in Pierre Fleurs