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/experience one to one
/performing art
40 min.
First performance

Hamlet’s fundamental questions are also our questions. 

His hesitation is also our hesitation. 

Shakespeare’s Hamlet and his inability to act originate Hamlet private: an intimate Hamlet, close to us, which leaves the traditional theatre context and meets one spectator at a time in a café intimacy. 

A confidential and unique experience for the spectator who has a chance to analyse his or her own concrete life situation with the help of the Talmeh card system and the performer’s interpretation of them, inspired by Hamlet’s life, contemporary man and abyss of questions. 


“The performance was a wonderful experience. I loved its far-reaching and carefully reflected concept, beautiful cards, warm actress. Maybe I was a bad spectator, because I’m not a ditherer. But the interpretation was frighteningly accurate. Really. It started with Poison and ended on the Threshold, this is where I am, in the middle of the storm with one foot in the door. Behind the door is hopefully a more creative and happier me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience this performance, it might really have a notable influence on my life.”A spectator’s feeback 

production ScarlattineTeatro, Campsirago Residenza, Gnab Collective | performer Anna Fascendini, Giulietta De Bernardi | script and direction Martina Marti | artistic advice Michele Losi | visual design and photography Erno Raitanen | supported by Kone Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Performance Center Eskus, City of Helsinki Cultural Office