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primissima infanzia
da 0 a 36 mesi
/spettacolo multisensoriale
35 minuti
+ il tempo dell’esplorazione
First performance

Babies (0 – 36 months) take their first steps towards the Opera world, a multisensory show with music, voices, images and tactile experiences within Opera Education, project by AsLiCo aimed at promoting the values and the beauty of Opera among young audience.  

The initial observation carries the attention to sounds in their original state, to words as signifiers and focuses on eye contact: the scene, centrally planned, allows a personal relationship not only between actress and spectator, but also between spectator and spectator, in a symmetrical game which involves all the participants around the table in the middle of the scene where the exploration starts. Babies discover cutlery and tableware, a research turned into a community event thanks to nonstop sharing between I and the other. Close to me, in front of me.  

The production has been developed in crèches providing different sensory laboratories aimed at getting babies closer to the Opera world. 

«A long white table. Forks, knives, spoons and tea spoons. Plates: big, small, round and smooth. Cup and glasses. But where is food? Maybe some grains will arrive. Two hilarious characters wait a king lunch inventing a new way of setting the table while everything becomes music, song, game. Babies can listen. They can move, accumulate, carry, pull, push, open, count,  step, run, try, close, copy, sort, split, fill, lift, hide, stack, slam, play… they themselves are the show!»   – Anna Fascendini 

production ScarlattineTeatro, Campsirago Residenza | by Michele Losi | direction Anna Fascendini | with Anna Fascendini and Francesca Cecala | music Federica Falasconi | singing advice Miriam Gotti 
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