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teatro ragazzi
dai 4 anni
50 minuti
Festival Segni d’infanzia e oltre
1-2 novembre 2017
Festival Visioni di teatro Visioni di futuro
2 marzo 2018

Standing in front of a door we wonder what’s on the other side. It’s where this journey starts. With few elements, the real earth to touch, blowing wind, poetry, original music, and actions, we try to talk about unbroken ties, to perceive the borders, more than the end, of love. 

The project Dall’altra parte, it concludes a long journey of reharsing with children in schools with a child-centered performance that addresses the themes of life and death and their strong relationship in the world we have around us. 

production Associazione 0432, ScarlattineTeatro_Campsirago Residenza | inspirated by Martina Monetti | by Giusi Quarenghi, Martina Monetti, Giulietta De Bernardi, Anna Fascendini | with Giulietta De Bernardi, Anna Fascendini, Martina Monetti | dramaturgy Giusi Quarenghi | music Leo Virgili | costumes Lorella Bellelli | research done in schools of Friuli Venezia Giulia for Ente Regionale Teatrale FVG – teatroescuola
Rassegna stampa
12/05/2018 La Nacion
25/01/2019 Teatroescuola